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Secured Payments

No HTTPS on This is due to the fact that we do not handle any private information outside of your contact and order information. Any and ALL payment information is processed through a secured payment gateway. Currently, PayPal is our gateway of choice. You are directed to their website where you will login or create an account for payment. Treasure-Post has no access to any payment information. PayPal also helps prevent fraud and protects both the seller (Treasure Post) and the buyer (you). Shipping labels are also shipped to PayPal addresses unless otherwise noted and discussed. Because we use a secured 3rd party payment gateway for payment, we are not required to use a secured HTTP. As you will see during the checkout process, no payment information is asked for while on

For more information about PayPal's security:



Shipping Information: is currently shipping via USPS Priority Mail. All items are sent in Flat Rate boxes based on weight. Delivery confirmation and tracking is updated in the store once it is received. And because we use PayPal as our shipping label provider, you may also receive notification from PayPal as well that the package has shipped. However, tracking information is always available through the store's order status.


International Shipping

International shipping is possible, but expensive. Please see some basic information below. Prices will vary depending on your location outside of the United States. reserves the right to cancel and refund orders for international shipping at any time, for any reason.


We ship only USPS Priority Mail for international shipping. This ensures we get some sort of confirmation number. 


Customs:  We have to provide detailed customs forms on our end before we can ship anything outside of the United States. This takes time and proper information from the buyer. Delays in shipping can result with incorrect information. Customs can hold up shipments for any reason they see fit, including but not limited to, inspections, rerouting, etc. International shipping is beyond our control! 

Pricing: Prices will vary from country to country and weight of items. Here is an example: To ship to the UK, a 20lb box flat rate box costs on average $80.50 

Please see for more information and calculations.


Insurance: Your Package is Insured

USPS Priority Mail comes with free insurance up to a certain level. Because of previous fraud, packages of paydirt can not be refunded or replaced due to damage. Insurance claims are to be filed by the buyer simply because I am not present upon arrival. If you feel you need to file a claim, please contact your local post office or to file a claim. You will need your tracking number. Please take any pictures of damage before you open your packages as this will help you with your claim.

Pre-Order and Inventory receives bulk items from outside of origin state. Because of this, we offer a PRE-ORDER option for low inventories. Inventories can be low due to adverse weather conditions, heavy winters in Alaska, etc. The Alaskan Raw material comes from a remote area in Alaska. The nearest post office is quite a distance from the source. Adverse weather conditions may delay or make this an impossibility to regularly stock some store items.


When ordering a PRE-ORDER, shipping turn around time is usually two weeks. We place the order with our contacts in Alaska and they ship them to us. They will NOT ship directly to the purchaser. 

When ordering a PRE-ORDER WITH OTHER PRODUCTS, all items will be shipped when the PRE-ORDER is received. This is to save you shipping costs.


Please keep in mind that it is not uncommon to have orders delayed or canceled should operations in Alaska be forced to shut down due to weather conditions. Should this be the case, you will be notified immediately with options and/or a refund.



We do not accept returns or refunds on consignments, DIY Kits, paydirt, services, digital downloads, or dropshipped items. Unless specifically mentioned per the item, all items are sold AS-IS. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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